2D Video Game Programming

Video Game Camp


Our 2D Video Game Programming Curriculum is available through our live workshops in the greater Denver, CO area and online through remote lessons via TeamViewer. 


Curriculum Outline

Level 1 – Intro to 2D Game Programming / Instructor

I: Intro to instructor, 2D Game Design and game engine features and benefits. Build the two-player Pizong game!
II: Space Shooter Part 1 – Creating and controlling objects, collisions, alarms, sprite editor, sounds, built-in effects.
III: Documentation – keeping notes, journal, design documents and intro to beat charts, etc. Designing from the top-down. World-Level-Gameplay-Event using HacKnight to demonstrate.

Level 2 – The Creator’s Toolbox

I: Background and Sprite Editing – how to customize your game to create a distinct look. Multi-room games, large rooms and basic use of views in rooms. GIMP graphics editor.
II: Space Shooter Part 2 – Creating different enemy types, life bar, HUD and timelines.
III: HacKnight Platformer: Animating movement, terrain, gravity, spacing / timing, player-based game metrics, special areas. Using level-themed special effects.

Level 3 – Fundamental Design Principles and Techniques

I: Level Design: Using beat charts to see patterns and balance level elements and obstacles. Surprise-variety-fun. Gameplay Design: Common sense design tips for levels. Placement of terrain. Avoiding gamebreakers. Practice programming obstacles for platformer and space shooter levels. Procedural vs Scripted gameplay. Recycling level and gameplay elements.

II: Combat techniques: Signature weapon / move, Attack matrix, looking / feeling cool (empowerment) animating attacks and handling collisions. Displaying damage, projectiles -> 3 A’s Small vs light attacks, combos and Practice with built-in special effects.

III: Enemy and boss AI – how to program enemies and bosses that have distinct and challenging patterns. How to program “thinking” or randomized enemies that are unpredictable. Hybrid of both. Empowering enemies creatively to motivate players. Making large enemies and bosses. Bosses that regain health. Programming multi-stage bosses.

Level 4 – Advanced Game Programming: Only for those who are ready!