The Guild’s Games

Here is a Showcase of Some of the Video Games Created by The Guild!

We’ve been designing games and putting together projects for over a decade. Throughout this time there have been several unreleased, unfinished or just unnoticed games that show what kind of projects are possible using the system that we have documented and organized into the Guild’s curriculum. Join the Game Development Guild today and start learning how to make games like these for yourself! 

Asteroid Defender – Available for $1 on the Google Play Store

A video of the Android mobile video game Asteroid Defender by The Game Development Guild. Blast through enemies and defeat the boss at the end to win!

Bubble Kitty Nom-Noms – Available for $1 on the Google Play Store

This is a from a bubbly mobile game for android called “Bubble Kitty Nom-Noms”. It was put together to test out a more whimsical and light game theme and play style. Try the free demo version!


Halloween Hangman – Available for $1 on the Android Play Store

This game is a spooky twist on the classic game Hangman which tasks the player with guessing a word or phrase. In Halloween Hangman all of the words and phrases are spooky-themed and you get to try and save four Halloween characters by guessing the correct letters. When you guess all of the letters in the word or phrase you win. Every mistaken guess gets your character closer to a grim fate – losing the game! Try the free demo!

The HacKnight Challenge 1 – Available for $1 on the Google Play Store

The HacKnight series is about a character who can enter a virtual world and interact with digital worlds to complete missions and train for battle. The HacKnight series focuses on 2D platforming elements and showcases the potential types of applications that can be developed using the skills and techniques we teach in the later parts of our Video Game Programming Curriculum. This first challenge is a simple two-button infinite runner/jumper where the player tries to avoid obstacles, destroy simple enemies and stay alive by not falling into a pit of spikes or being pushed back into a rotating saw.



Pizong! – Available for free at the Google Play Store

A game that brings back memories of games in a simpler time, Pizong! will definitely prove to be an entertaining twist on classic video game mechanics. The purpose of building and releasing this game is to show the kinds of potential applications that can be developed using the skills and techniques students learn in the very first course of our Video Game Programming Curriculum. One of the unique features about this game is that most of the game elements are changing colors every so often to give players a vibrant, colorful experience. Another unique feature of this game is that players can choose between a CPU opponent or two players can go head to head on the same phone! You only have to win three rounds to win the match against your opponent. Are you up to the challenge?



The Secret of Anomikahn


This is from an early unpublished platform game developed in 2005 called “The Secret of Anomikahn.”


Hostile Transgression


This is a screenshot showing off game art for a space shooter game called “Hostile Transgression.” Much of that art is now being repurposed into another game currently in development.


Untitled Space Game in Development


This is from a game currently in development. The title is unsettled but it’s generally about running amok in space and gathering resources to defeat a rival. Sound familiar?