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Asteroid Defender

Asteroid Defender – A fast paced side-scrolling space shooter game where players use the arrow keys to move and the “Space Bar” and “M” keys to shoot projectile blasts and missiles, respectively.You, the player, have been tasked with safeguarding and transporting a large golden asteroid worth billions of credits. An interstellar cartel captain and an entire division of fighters are coming to take it from you. Your only choice is to out-maneuver them by flying through a risky asteroid belt. You must survive until the end by destroying enemies, collecting shield power-ups and finding an upgrade to your blast capabilities. Defeat the cartel captain’s destroyer-class ship in the final boss battle to win.

Bubble Kitty Nom-Noms

Bubble Kitty Nom Noms – Journey through 8 levels of bubbly euphoria as you play as guide the kittens Jiblet, Nibbles and Mittens to food and fun. The goal of the game is to stay afloat and get as many points as possible. You control the kittens as they dance, glide and feast fancily in the skies. The levels feature locations such as the frozen arctic in Frosty Paws and an F5 tornado in Windy Katwisty. Beat each level to advance and become a bubble kitty champion! 

Halloween Hangman

This game is a spooky twist on the classic game Hangman which tasks the player with guessing a word or phrase. In Halloween Hangman all of the words and phrases are spooky-themed and you get to try and save four Halloween characters by guessing the correct letters. When you guess all of the letters in the word or phrase you win. Every mistaken guess gets your character closer to a grim fate – losing the game! 


Pizong! – A two player game where players use the keyboards arrows and the “S” and “W” keys to move the paddles up and down to keep the ball in bounds. One player scores a point when their opponent cannot catch the ball and it goes out of bounds.

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