The Game Development Guild Learning Framework


The Game Development Guild offers a comprehensive and well-researched learning framework of courses to teach 2D video game design in an efficient, affordable way. Our courses cover both Video Game Design TheoryApplied Video Game Programming because understanding both concepts is how game developers make fun and interesting games free of technical glitches.

Here is a neat graphic to help you visualize our course framework:

curriculum_ourline_bareOur Game Design Theory Curriculum involves the study of conceptualizing, planning and documenting your game. In order to do this successfully students learn about game mechanics and level building as well as character development and designing a balanced gameplay experience.

Our 2D Video Game Programming Curriculum focus on the execution of the plans and documents that our game design theory courses cover. The format for these classes are live events rather than online courses. Students will use the documents supplied by the Guild as a blueprint for the projects that we build together in a live class. Afterwards students can then expand, experiment and customize their projects at home.

We’ve separated the two branches of game development into their own course structures where students must take one class to progress to the next. Each course builds on concepts and techniques described in the previous course so that students feel increasingly challenged and empowered to create better games. Once a student has completed a course he or she earns an additional title within the Guild and has permanent access to all resources relating to that course. To fully complete the Guild’s curriculum students must complete both branches of the learning framework.

Click on an image below to get more details about the two branches of development and outlines for each level and course.