Game Design Theory Level 4 – Advanced Game Mechanics and HUD / GUI Elements

Course 404 Section 3 Summary – HUD / GUI:

– The HUD communicates game concepts to players. (Theme, Progress, Abilities)

– Players should be able access (and process) HUD information quickly.

– Keep HUD elements away from the sides of the screen and closer to the safe frame.

– Design easy-to-see and and -read icons.

– Make Quick Time Events fair and easy to perform. (randomizing makes them hard)

– Players should never have to press a button more than 3 times to reach any screen

in the game (3 degrees of separation).

– Don’t make players dig through screens for important information

summarize or link to it in a main menu.

– Fonts should be easy to read. Don’t make them too small or too fancy.

– Even the most “boring” screens like an options menu, loading screen, etc. can and should be interesting.


– Give credit where credit is due. ALWAYS!

Level 4 Section 3 Quiz

Level 4 Section 3 Quiz