Game Design Theory Level 4 – Advanced Game Mechanics and HUD / GUI Elements

Fonts Should be Easy to Read. Don’t Make Them Too Small or Too Fancy


menu fonts

Game designs should stay away from small fonts that some players may not be able to see. There are many reasons why people may not be able to see small writing, and it’s made even worse when the game is being played on a small screen. Use thick fonts to help players see your message clearly. When the font you use is too fancy players may not be able to understand the message. Sometimes the script is just too skinny to be legible or maybe the reader is unfamiliar with script fonts. Accessibility should be a key concern when picking font types because some people will be absolutely crippled trying to play your game without the ability to read what’s going on.


Even the most “boring” screens like an options menu, loading screen, etc. can and should be interesting



You should always put effort into making each screen as cool or as active as it can be. In this scene each kitten is dancing on a bobbing bubble while the game’s title grows and shrinks to a funky song. The mood is set right from the start that this is a fictional and lighthearted game that’s got a unique concept involving cats and food. You can start the game and go to the options menus or you can hang out and watch the main screen for a minute. If you focus on making each screen active and engaging then the overall experience will be more pleasing to players.

Give credit where credit is due. ALWAYS!!!