Game Design Theory Level 4 – Advanced Game Mechanics and HUD / GUI Elements

Course 404 Section 2 Summary – Power ups, Economies and Character Upgrades:

– Create power ups that are compatible and complimentary to the player’s action and attacks.

– Love thy players! Give them the tools to succeed like DDB and rubberbanding.

– If you think something in the game is too difficult or boring, it probably is. Get rid of it!

– Never underestimate the greed of the players, and use it to prompt interesting scenarios and challenges.

– plan out the economy for the entire game. Price items according to when you want players to earn them in-game.

– Provide enough money so the player has choices when shopping in your economy.

– Have a variety of interesting / useful things for the player to buy. Make the player choose between at least two really good (expensive) things so that they

come back for more.

– Determine whether scoring is right for your game (instead of just checkpoints / levels) and reward players for high scores. You can also set benchmark achievements.

– Don’t forget about supporting your game with DLC, extra content, bonus materials, etc. People like behind-the-scenes stuff for their favorite games. Also plan for this extra / ancillary content in advance.

– Some rewards can just be for fun, given to all players to enjoy.



Level 4 Section 2 Quiz