Game Design Theory Level 4 – Advanced Game Mechanics and HUD / GUI Elements

Don’t Forget About Supporting Your Game With DLC & Bonus Content


People like behind-the-scenes stuff for their favorite games. Whether it’s concept art, alternate scripts and scenes, bonus levels, extra playable characters, cheat codes, character upgrades or whatever other content you add be sure that the player knows that you went out of your way to include them in the experience. You should use all the game resources you can and expose some of this so that the hardcore fan and player has a bunch of content to discover and use. There are always going to be people who will want to know everything there is to know and “see it all” if they enjoy your work and they will appreciate the goodies. Plan for this extra / ancillary content in advance


Some Rewards Can Be Given to All Players, Just For Fun


Rewarding players for their hard work is important to keeping them motivated, but sometimes you can just give everyone a freebie or two at some point in the game. These goodies could enhance the player experience, make them laugh or provide a much needed boost after a difficult stretch. Also potential ideas would be an additional costume / accessory option, a mini-game, a short-term “dreamworld” sequence or a cheat mode. Games with goodies and freebies for their players tend to receive more endearing reactions than those that lack any extra content at all.