Game Design Theory Level 3 – Customization and Creative Design Techniques

Level 3 Section 5 Summary – Enemies, Obstacles and Boss Fights:

(need more about obstacles)

– Form follows function (enemies should look, move and behave in a way that corresponds to their role)

– Design your enemies to complement and contrast with each other.

– Carefully balance the enemies’ strength, speed and size.

– Fighting enemies is supposed to be fun.

– Enemies are meant to be fought, not avoided.

– Not every enemy attack has to do damage.

– You always want the player to hate the enemy.

– Use dynamic difficulty to give the player some help.

– Watch out for camera issues when creating large-scale bosses.

– Where the boss fight takes place is just as important as who the player is fighting.

– The player has to give the boss the killing / finishing strike.

– Creating conflict without combat: agitators, “gremlins” that undo progress, time challenge


– Emphasize drama, danger and conflict rather than just huge scale and rocket-firing T-rexes.

Level 3 Section 5 Quiz