Game Design Theory Level 3 – Customization and Creative Design Techniques

Keep the Players Playing

keep the player playing

There are several tricks you can use to make players want to keep playing, and that should be a design goal from the start. In some cases when gameplay is boring for too long or a challenge is exceedingly difficult or confusing the player will quit playing and may not return. As a designer it’s your job to make sure that players are having fun, even if they aren’t very skilled. You can adjust the difficulty after a certain amount of failures, or even adjust the collision accuracy to make the player hit their targets easier. You can slow down the game speed, “dumb down” the enemies or give the player some kind of strength or power boost to help them knock out the next challenge. When players try to quit you should ask twice and offer options like a decrease in difficulty to make players consider playing on.


Show Players Previews of What’s Coming Up Soon

 coming up next

Let the Player Know How Close They are to Something Awesome! 

During loading screens, pause screens and especially quitting screens you want to show players some kind of text, picture, animation or mini-game that gives an idea about what is coming up soon. You can entice players by showing them the upcoming Sword of Power, Stone of Time or other rate object. You can preview an enemy to come or a major battle or plot point. You can show the next part of the level or even a player upgrade that can be earned. When the player wants to quit is also another time to add a taunting character or enemy that makes them want to come back later and finish. Whatever it is that you use the goal is always to make the player want to come back for more.