Game Design Theory Level 3 – Customization and Creative Design Techniques



Size is a comparison of two or more shapes in terms of the space they occupy in the image. By making shapes different sizes the artist can (via height, width, line thickness and depth in 3D art) provide information, convey emphasis, and create contrast in the image.






Texture is an extremely important art element in video games. Texture describes the look and feel of a surface. In video game terms, textures are, in the most basic sense, images mapped to geometry. For many games, textures make up most of what the player sees: grass, earth, concrete, sky, clothing, the shine on a bouncy ball, they are all textures, or art images attached to a shape or 3D object. Textures are often painted as single images that replicate to create the illusion of a texture, such as a patch of green grass. Good textures in a video game are close to seamless and add a certain lushness to the visuals.