Game Design Theory Level 2 – Organized Development, Documentation and Core Mechanics


Level 2 Section 1 Summary – Intro to the Three C’s: Character




– Form follows function: your character’s actions and personality should determine their appearance.


– Give your characters distinct shapes, features, and colors to distinguish them.


– Name your hero appropriately.


– Customization will increase player attachment.


– Use the player character to reflect in-game status.


– Companions and SPCs require a fair amount of work to get right. Make them complement the player character.


– Balance multiple player characters to maximize effectiveness.


– Give your NPCs gameplay functions, not just story-telling roles.


– Use the player character to determine game metrics. (object heights, width of passages, speed)


– WALKING IS NOT GAMEPLAY! Better to have players jump, dash, swing, explore, etc.


Level 2 Section 1 Quiz