Game Design Theory Level 1 – Fundamental Game Design Principles & Industry Structure



Best Practices and Helpful Hints – Level 1 Section 1:


  • You have a place in video game history. You can be a modern developer and a player.

  • A game is an activity with rules and a victory condition.

  • Your game objective should be simple, like an old-school board game. (1 main objective)

  • It usually takes a team of people with a variety of (sometimes overlapping) skills to create a game.

  • Gaming technology is always improving. Learn the new software and techniques or risk becoming obsolete (pro devs)

  • The only thing gamers want are good games that make them feel / look cool.

  • There is no guarantee that your game is going to be considered “fun” by players.

  • Start with a “fun” idea. As you develop the game, remove the “un-fun.”

  • Game genres come in many shapes, sizes and types. Don’t be afraid to mix and match (Mexican Pizza Method). Don’t mix and match more than 3 major elements without consideration.

  • Be willing to throw out bad ideas. Throw out (or put aside) some good ideas too if they don’t fit or you have more than you need.

  • Ideas are cheap; it’s how you use them that matters.

  • Don’t give your game a silly title. You can use a “working title” until you get a real one. If you’re stuck, take a break. However, don’t let your breaks cause you to procrastinate.




Level 2 Section 1 Quiz