Game Design Theory Level 1 – Fundamental Game Design Principles & Industry Structure

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Alex Chacon
Alex Chacon
Alex Chacon is a video game developer and workshop instructor for programs that help teach creative computer skills. With over a decade of programming and independent game development experience Alex has put together several unreleased games and mini-games, animated videos and other projects for fun and for personal education purposes. For the past five years ...
Game Design Theory Level 1 - Fundamental Game Design Principles & Industry Structure

About this course

In this course students are introduced to the basics of game design theory with a focus on solid fundamental principles and techniques that game developers use in the real world to start a new design from scratch. We give students an overview of the common roles in the video game industry and what the game design process consists of. Students also get real-world tips on how to create fun and unique concepts and get examples of common genres they can explore for their next masterpiece.



Course Overview:

Section 1 - Introduction to Video Game Design History and The Video Game Industry

This section includes an overview of what games actually are, the roles people play in creating them and the skills that are required to fill those roles. Our role in game design history.

Section 2 - Fundamental Game Design Principles and Techniques

In this section students learn how to create a unique concept and how to makes games more "fun", which is something that game designers have to understand well in order to be successful.

Section 3 – Storytelling Techniques and Unique Concept Creation

This section covers the role a story should play in your game, the most efficient order in which to design your game's systems / aesthetics and how to create unique concepts.



At the end of the course students will have the knowledge necessary to begin systematically designing an original project or to significantly enhance the design of a current project by applying real-world design principles and fundamental concepts. This course prepares students for Level 2 of the Game Design Theory Curriculum which covers proper game documentation, character development, camera positioning and game controls. Upon completion of this course students earn the title of "Student of Game Development" in the Game Development Guild.

 We would like to give a special thanks to our friends at GG Dev Pro for allowing us to use some of their material in our lessons. 

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    Course Structure

    • Section 1 - Game Design History, Concept Creation & Overview of Video Game Industry
      • Welcome to the Game Development Guild!
      • Introduction to Video Game Design History
      • Defining Game Design and the Game Development Industry
      • Creating Unique and Interesting Concepts
      • Review, Summary and Quiz - Section 1
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