About Us

The Mission of the Game Development Guild

The Game Development Guild is a group of game developers, artists, computer programmers, and marketing specialists with a shared interest in video game design and computer programming based in Denver, Colorado. With over a decade of computer programming and independent game development experience the Game Development Guild team has put together several published and unpublished games, animated videos, books and other projects available on the Google Play store, Amazon.com and various other distribution channels. In addition the Guild’s founder Alex Chacon has worked in many different public libraries and a few high schools teaching video game development as both a volunteer and as a professional teaching consultant. 

Our passion for introducing others to game development and the excitement of helping people achieve their goals has inspired the Game Development Guild team to share the knowledge and tricks of video game development with as many people as possible through various programs. For the past three years we have been working to improve our simple, practical and efficient system to teach a proprietary game design curriculum. The results from our work in public libraries / schools have been very positive so far. Our primary goal is to offer materials and lessons to help students learn the basic processes required to design a video game and to make our lessons as fun and engaging as possible. The social component of having friends / mentors to help learn this difficult skill is also important for the continued development for any student. That’s why the Guild’s mission involves not only teaching but also helping to connect groups of people who want to learn so that they can support each other. The ultimate aim is to give students the experience of creating their own indie game portfolio while learning the core principles of computer science. Along the way we encourage students to form their own teams, work collaboratively on original projects, and research the career path they would take to achieve their dreams.

The lessons we teach help to remove the barriers of entry into game development and provide relevant experiences for future computer scientists and video game developers. We hope that others share this same vision and will help us to reach out and teach more people.

We do remote game development tutoring through Google Hangouts / Skype so you can learn from anywhere. If you have any questions or would like to know more about one of our services or courses please feel free to contact us:

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Here is a Showcase of Some of the Video Games Created by The Guild!

We’ve been designing games and putting together projects for over a decade. We share our projects and use them to inspire and teach others. Below are some of the games built using the same engine and techniques we use in our projects and workshops:

Asteroid Defender

A screenshot from the Android mobile video game Asteroid Defender by The Game Development Guild. Blast through enemies and defeat the boss at the end to win!

Bubble Kitty Nom-Noms

A screenshot from our bubbly mobile game for android called “Bubble Kitty Nom-Noms”. It was put together to test out a more whimsical and light game theme and play style. Try the free demo version!

Halloween Hangman

This game is a spooky twist on the classic game Hangman which tasks the player with guessing a word or phrase. In Halloween Hangman all of the words and phrases are spooky-themed and you get to try and save four Halloween characters by guessing the correct letters. When you guess all of the letters in the word or phrase you win. Every mistaken guess gets your character closer to a grim fate – losing the game! Try the free demo!