DC’s Murder Mystery Takes a Disturbing and Fascinating Turn

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Warning: Because it’s difficult to talk about the contents of this issue without spoiling the big reveal, this review contains spoilers for Heroes in Crisis #8!


Heroes in Crisis is a very difficult series to judge on a month-by-month basis. There’s little denying the book’s technical brilliance, with writer Tom King tapping into the lingering effects of grief and trauma and artists like Clay Mann and Mitch Gerads ensuring the series remains one of the most visually stunning books on the stands. But no matter how strong any given issue may be, there’s still a sense of deep concern looming over the series. Is it worth the cost? Is it worth breaking these toys and possibly doing lingering harm to fan-favorite characters for the sake of this one book? Those questions can only be answered once the series is completed. For now, these concerns become all the more pressing as the series reaches its penultimate chapter and the true killer stands revealed.

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