Amazing Spider-Man: Kraven’s Hunt Is Heating Up

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While “Hunted” has proven disappointing so far, the problems with this latest Spider-Man crossover are mostly in the execution, not the premise. Writer Nick Spencer and artist Humberto Ramos have all the right ingredients for another classic Kraven vs. Spider-man tale. The hitch has come in the form of the agonizingly slow pace and the fact that most of the best material has been shoved over to the tie-in issues. Fortunately, that finally seems to be changing with Amazing Spider-m=Man #20. This issue gives the series a much-needed momentum boost and shows that the strong character work doesn’t need to take place in ancillary books.

The general sense of pacing is much tighter in this new chapter. Spencer finally pushes the conflict beyond its initial starting place, revealing more layers to Kraven’s plot that go beyond simply turning the world’s richest hunters on captured supervillains like fish in a barrel. That, combined with Spider-Man’s growing frustration over his own inability to stop the hunt and new complications surrounding characters like Black Ant and the Lizard, serves to give “Hunted” the richness and energy it had been lacking.

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