Riding With Red Dead Online Role Players Was My Best Ever Multiplayer Experience

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The last time I rode into Valentine in Red Dead Online I was shot, tied up, stabbed, and shot again. Some days that’s life in Rockstar’s Wild West wonderland, where the atmosphere’s magnificent but the murder indiscriminate.

I tend to spend most of my time in Red Dead Online alone against the world; hunting, fishing, and simply surviving inside the simulation. Sometimes I can saunter into towns solo without incident but, unfortunately, things regularly go south faster than a stork strapped to a scramjet. That’s the risk you run riding alone.

Today, however, is different. Today, I’m not alone.

“We tend to ride in two-by-two formation just because it makes a bigger impression when we ride into town,” explains DirtyWorka, president of the PS4 charter of the Reaper Lords, a GTA Online MC club that has since mostly migrated to Red Dead Online. “We won’t shoot at anybody unless they raise a weapon in our direction.”

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