The Lizard Steals the Spotlight From Spider-Man

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“Hunted” is one of those cases where if you aren’t reading the tie-ins, you aren’t getting the full experience. Whether that material should have just been integrated into the main storyline is open for debate, but the point remains – these issues provide in-depth, character-driven stories that we aren’t getting from the core Amazing Spider-Man comic. And Amazing Spider-Man #19.HU might just be the best yet.

Where issue #18.HU focused on the sad plight of perennial D-Lister The Gibbon, this follow shifts to one of the oldest and most iconic Spider-Man villains of them all – The Lizard. Though actually labeling Dr. Curt Connors a villain these days would be a misnomer. He’s just a guy trying to enjoy the second chance at a happy family life in the aftermath of The Clone Conspiracy. And that’s where “Hunted” comes in. With his son Billy trapped inside Kraven’s murder dome, Curt will do whatever it takes to rescue him. Even if it means letting the animal inside run loose once again.

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