Marvel’s Latest Crossover Has Some Familiar Problems

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There’s no doubt that The War of the Realms is a good time. This miniseries carries over the zany, heavy metal-inspired tone of Jason Aaron’s Thor run. Where else can you see the Avengers teaming up with the valiant heroes of Asgard to do battle with Frost Giants, Fire Demons, Angels and Dark Elves in the heart of New York? The problem – and one which is becoming more apparent as time passes – is that this series doesn’t capture everything that has made Aaron Thor saga one of the best ever told. The fun and spectacle are there in droves. But the emotional thrust is lacking so far.

For the most part, issue #2 continues the same action-heavy focus as the first. This gives artist Russell Dauterman, colorist Matthew Wilson and letterer Joe Sabino ample room to do their thing. Dauterman’s art impresses as much in its energy and fluid sense of motion as it does in its sheer detail. He painstaking renders panel after panel of fantastical heroes and monsters doing battle in a fully realized New York. Dauterman’s style is perfect for a story where traditional superhero action collides with high fantasy and Norse mythology.

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