Batman’s ‘Knightmares’ Reaches a Haunting Conclusion

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Short of that ill-advised Batman/Wonder Woman team-up arc, no chapter of Tom King’s Batman run has proven more frustrating than “Knightmares.” The series has devoted a large number of issues to telling what is ultimately a very simple and straightforward story – Batman is trapped in his own nightmares and fighting to get free. Batman #69 finally wraps up that prolonged odyssey. And while it still doesn’t justify the decision to devote seven whole issues to Batman’s dream journey, it does wrap up this saga on a high note.

There is some story-based reasoning for why it took Batman so long to make sense of his predicament and move forward. Every guest star in “Knightmares” has been nothing more than a projection of Batman’s own mind, reflecting different facets of his personality or serving as psychic defense mechanisms. This who journey has been about Batman steeling himself to confront his greatest fear and push through it. Only at the end is Batman finally prepared to allow himself to reunite with Catwoman and confront that fear head-on.

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