Amazing Spider-Man: ‘Hunted’ Makes Slow Progress

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There are many reasons why so many crossover events falter, but one of the most common problems involves poor structure. Too often, the core miniseries delivers the straightforward backbone of the story, leaving it to the tie-in books to add depth and flavor. As “Hunted” has shown us, even smaller-scale events can fall victim to this problem. What should have been one tightly plotted story of Kraven the Hunter launching his most ambitious plot is instead a plodding, overly drawn-out experience.

On one hand, you have to give the Amazing Spider-Man crew credit for making the .HU tie-ins a vital part of the reading experience. These character-driven side-stories have done a lot to enhance the narrative and flesh out supporting players like Black Cat and The Gibbon. On the other, you have to question why that material wasn’t simply integrated into the core storyline. “Hunted” has shown a strange reluctance to progress very far beyond its initial starting point in Amazing Spider-Man #17. Why not at least offset that lack of momentum by making the sad plight of the Gibbon a part of the main Amazing Spider-Man book?

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