Analogue Mega Sg Review

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Clone console hardware has come a long way over the past 15 years. What used to be the domain of sketchy shopping mall kiosks offering off-brand NESes claiming to contain 1,000 games (990 of which were strangely named hacks of Super Mario Bros. and Contra, and none of which were legally licensed) has become a booming, legitimate business, thanks in part to the huge success off the NES Classic and Super NES Classic. Analogue Co.’s new Mega Sg—a high-end Sega Genesis clone—arrives amidst heavy competition, and it comes with a fairly steep price tag of $189.99 that anybody looking for a quick and simple hit of nostalgia may find off-putting. What Analogue promises in return, however, is something no other Genesis clone on the market can offer: Total fidelity to the original hardware, with zero barriers to a perfect plug-and-play gaming experience on high-definition and 4K televisions. While it turns out the Mega Sg doesn’t quite achieve that lofty goal either, it comes remarkably close and offers the best Genesis experience on the market.

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