Discovery Review: The Red Angel’s Identity Revealed

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Full spoilers follow for this episode.

If last week’s ode to Airiam was a high point for Star Trek: Discovery, this week’s big Red Angel reveal episode is a low point, a talky and dull outing that emphasizes Season 2’s unevenness as well as its biggest weakness: a reliance on mystery plots that pay far too little in emotional dividends for the characters or the viewer.

Things start off with a strange mix of what’s sort of Airiam’s autopsy, complete with the deletion of all her memories… which seems particularly cruel considering how important those memories were to her in last week’s episode. And yet, ultimately that’s exactly what happens to all of us when we go as well. (You can’t take it with you, as they say.) Regardless, seeing her body being handled, her head piece removed and so on, is sort of gruesome.

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