Batman’s Knightmare Needs to End

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Is there a minimum amount of story content a comic book is obligated to deliver? When it comes to the latest Batman storyline, DC doesn’t seem to think so. “Knightmares” has certainly has its moments over the past few months (issue #66 in particular), but the arc as a whole has been a huge momentum killer for the series. Batman #67 is easily the worst offender so far. Why is so much room being devoted to such a seemingly straightforward conflict? Why is this chapter in particular so barren and devoid of meaningful insight into Batman’s current state of mind?

This issue is all the more disappointing given that it’s basically a sequel to the surprisingly excellent Batman/Elmer Fudd #1. That’s true both in terms of certain character cameos and the fact that writer Tom King reunites with artist Lee Weeks. But as fun as it is to see these realistic, noir-flavored riffs on Looney Tunes icons again, they really are just bit players in a story that boils down to one, prolonged chase sequence. This issue is almost entirely devoid of plot and dialogue, instead fixating on Batman’s relentless pursuit of his silent, masked foe.

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