Netflix’s Turn Up Charlie: Season 1 Review

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All eight episodes of Netflix’s Turn Up Charlie are now streaming on Netflix.

It’s not Turn Up Charlie’s fault, but it’s bittersweet that the new Netflix comedy – co-created by, and starring, Idris Elba – premiered the same week Netflix canceled One Day at a Time. Turn Up Charlie isn’t out to offend – certainly not by merely existing in the wake of a beloved, ground-breaking comedy getting the axe – but then again… Turn Up Charlie isn’t out to make waves of any kind. And that’s the overarching issue.

Big names, mediocre projects. More often than not, that’s Netflix’s M.O. Usually, it comes at us from the Original Movies side of the equation (Bird Box, Triple Frontier, Cloverfield Paradox, Bright, The Titan, etc), but TV is far from immune. So gone is a funny, important show that addressed today’s issues with insight and humor and arrived is a series where a guy is about to take a bite of his dinner but then immediately loses his appetite because the woman next to him simply mentions the idea of a woman on her period. It’s not even clinical talk – it’s like a flowery euphemism: “The Red Queen is coming to visit” or something. That’s all it takes for the dude to stop himself mid-fork-to-mouth. Hilarious, right? That’s Idris Elba’s Charlie, by the way.

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