DC’s Gun-Toting Batman Gains New Depth

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In the wrong hands, characters like The Batman Who Laughs and his fellow Dark Knights could have been a disaster for DC. “What if Batman, but evil?” is a question that has lead to disappointingly superficial stories in the past. But with Dark Nights: Metal and now The Batman Who Laughs spinoff, Scott Snyder and company have made the most of their evil Batmen characters. That trend continues in a spinoff issue that shines a brighter light on the newest Dark Knight, the Grim Knight.

As introduced in The Batman Who Laughs #2, the Grim Knight is basically a mash-up of Batman and the Punisher. He has all of Bruce Wayne’s ambition and skills, but none of his compassion. Instead he’s happy to use guns, bombs and any other means at his disposal to end the scourge of crime in Gotham City. The goal of this spinoff issue is to explore the Grim Knight’s origin and what led this particular incarnation of Bruce Wayne so far astray.

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