Arrow’s Squanders a Promising Conflict

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Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Team Arrow’s new status quo raises plenty of interesting questions. What does it truly mean for Oliver Queen and his team to be on the right side of the law? How does that impact their day-to-day activities as vigilantes? How will they be held accountable for their actions? What sort of relationship will they have with their fellow SCPD officers? These questions were at the heart of tonight’s episode. The problem is that it didn’t really answer them in a satisfying way.

Obviously there was going to be friction between Team Arrow and the ordinary men and women of the SCPD. You don’t immediately start playing nice with the people who decided they can do your job better than you and have spent years refusing to play by the rules or answer to a higher authority. And from Team Arrow’s perspective, this is a police force that has consistently failed to live up to its responsibility year after year. If the SCPD was capable of pulling its weight, Star City wouldn’t need the Green Arrow in the first place.

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