Apex Legends Is a Leap Forward for Accessibility

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From cognitive disabilities to physical ones, there are a lot of reasons someone could feel uncomfortable or be incapable of engaging in voice chat. Sometimes, this isn’t a huge deal, but in this era of team-focused multiplayer games, it’s getting harder and harder to effectively communicate with your teammates without directly speaking to them. Yet Apex Legends, the latest addition to an ever-expanding landscape of Battle Royale shooters, is changing that.

Apex’s ping system allows for more universal types of communication. Through simple button inputs combined with thoughtful audio cues, it creates an environment where virtually all relevant in-game information can be relayed to your team without uttering a single word. The system lets you place various markers on the map and battlefield, such as enemy locations, where to loot, and the direction you want your team to go next. Once the marker has been placed, your character will verbally express the type of marker you chose, establishing visual and auditory indicators simultaneously. But it isn’t just a neat way to save time, it is a huge step forward toward inclusivity for gamers with disabilities.

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