Discovery Review: Saru’s Predator Race Revealed

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Full spoilers follow for this episode.

Escaping the interminable May storyline of recent weeks like a starship going to warp to avoid being sucked into a black hole, Star Trek: Discovery gets its groove back in “The Sound of Thunder.” The episode sees Saru returning to his homeworld to finally confront the nasty predator species that haunts his kind… and the systemic oppression of the Kelpiens that is a classic Trek metaphor, and one that can be parsed on several different layers.

Along the way, the mystery of the Red Angel continues to develop… slowly to be sure. But it does feel like some headway is made in this department this week which helps us start to figure out what the creature (is it even a creature?) just might be all about. Seemingly benevolent, is the Red Angel also… a time traveler?

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