Sharkey the Bounty Hunter Offers Shallow Sci-Fi Fun

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Most readers know what to expect from Mark Millar’s comics at this point. On the plus side, there’s always a strong elevator pitch, an irreverent sense of humor and an A-List artist as major selling points. On the down side, these projects too often come up lacking in terms of depth and nuance. Sharkey the Bounty Hunter is no exception. The first issue is an entertaining romp, but it doesn’t dig in deep enough with its characters and setting to truly make a name for itself.

The title character may be this series’ biggest problem right off the bat. Sharkey is an intergalactic bounty hunter who’s good at his job but less adept at dealing with the mountain of debt he’s accumulated. When the ultimate payday opportunity comes along, Sharkey sees an opportunity to end his money woes once and for all. That’s about the long and short of it. He may look like a purple Freddie Mercury, but otherwise Sharkey is basically your textbook outlaw protagonist with a heart of gold.

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