Batman and Flash Make a Great Team

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Even though “The Price” is basically putting Tom King’s Batman run on a short hiatus, this story actually winds up working better as a companion to that run than it does a tie-in to Heroes in Crisis. This short crossover doesn’t fit very organically into the events of Heroes in Crisis. It does, however, allow guest writer Joshua Williamson to address one of the biggest loose ends from King’s work. That definitely counts for something.

The loose end in question is Gotham Girl, a character integral to the series in its first year but who all but vanished following Bruce’s proposal to Selina Kyle. The fact that her one significant appearance over the past year involved her throwing her hat in with Bane only draws further attention to her absence. It’s high time we learned how and why Claire has degenerated from troubled Batman ally to outright enemy, and that’s where this crossover comes in.

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