Yoshi’s Crafted World Preview: Charming, if a Bit Too Easy

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I instantly fell in love with Yoshi’s Crafted World when it was announced at E3 2017. A Yoshi-starring Nintendo platformer with a gorgeous art style and an intriguing level-flipping dynamic? Sign me up! Nintendo finally gave me the chance to play it, though only for about 20 torturously short minutes, and so far, I can confidently say that Yoshi’s new adventure will be nothing if not endlessly charming.

The hook of Yoshi’s Crafted World is that it’s a left-to-right 2D platformer that mixes in some 3D gameplay elements. Certain paths might take you to the background and others to the foreground. Sometimes you’ll need to flip cardboard doors around so that you can literally go behind the scenes. Meanwhile, coins, collectibles, or enemies are occasionally hiding behind the papercraft objects in the scene, so you’ll need to aim to throw an egg towards the camera or away from it instead of just to the sides. And most of all, of course, is that you’ll get to play levels in reverse, from the other side of the scene. I only got to experience one example of this, but I can see it (hopefully) being super compelling the deeper into the world you get.

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