Review: Star Trek Discovery’s Latest Episode Misses the Mark

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Full spoilers follow for this episode.

This week’s Star Trek: Discovery episode, “An Obol for Charon,” indulges in not one but two classic Star Trek style plotlines — the trapped starship and the mysteriously sick crewmember — and while it all starts off with a bang, the segment unfortunately soon peters out to become a talky, somewhat unsatisfying installment.

Things kick off with Rebecca Romijn finally debuting as Number One, Pike’s executive officer from the Enterprise who of course was originally played by Majel Barrett all the way back in “The Cage.” The character has always been a figure of some interest for many Trekkies, and in her brief appearance here Romijn and the writers do a good enough job of expanding on Number One and her dynamic with Pike. She’s got a bit of a witty edge to her, and she likes cheeseburgers! She also, apparently, fully avails herself of the Discovery’s mess hall during a mere five-minute meeting with her superior officer. (More on that below.) It would be nice to see more of her in future episodes, and indeed of the original Enterprise crew too — where are you, Doctor Boyce?!

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