Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Supernatural Return Is Worth the Wait

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This review contains spoilers for Supernatural’s 300th episode, “Lebanon.” 

Supernatural’s 200th episode was a love letter to the fans – a madcap musical trip down memory lane, loaded with more easter eggs and in-jokes than you can shake a shtriga at. But for the show’s milestone 300th episode, showrunner Andrew Dabb and episode co-writer Meredith Glynn have scripted an installment that is far less meta, but no less meaningful, by finally bringing back Papa Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), 12 years after the show first killed him off. In “Lebanon,” we’re revisiting the show’s emotional legacy rather than its plot twists, and that’s a surprisingly effective curveball, since Supernatural has given us plenty of episodes that satisfy its self-referential urges over the years.

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