The Walking Dead Delivers Much-Needed Zombie Carnage

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Each month it grows more and more difficult to review The Walking Dead without feeling like a broken record. Whatever merits each individual issue might have, the series as a whole has been stuck in a storytelling rut for well over a year at this point. Even though there’s been some momentum in recent months, it’s beginning to look more and more like readers will be forced to wait until the big issue #200 mark to see this simmering conflict finally boil over.

This problem is even more frustrating than usual in issue #188. On its own merits, this is actually one of the more well-rounded chapters of the series in recent memory. Robert Kirkman’s script bounces between a number of different locales and characters, but not in a way that feels messy or choppy. Each subplot is given a bit of room to breathe. This issue moves the pieces around the board and inches the book closer to a major showdown between the Commonwealth and its neighbors. The problem, again, is that the book has been inching and nudging for so long that it’s impossible not to grow fed up with the overall glacial pace.

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