Matt Murdock’s Suffering Fuels New Daredevil Comic

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Writer Charles Soule and artist Phil Noto didn’t make things easy for their successors when they wrapped up the previous volume of Daredevil in December. The series ended not in a moment of triumph for Matt Murdock, but one of crushing despair. Matt thought he had finally defeated Wilson Fisk and exposed the mayor of New York for the criminal he is. Instead, it was all a coma-induced hallucination. Matt’s life is worse than ever as the latest incarnation of Daredevil begins. And as with so many classic Daredevil comics before it, this new book reminds us that Matt Murdock’s suffering is the reader’s joy.

One might expect a more lighthearted take on Daredevil with the comedically inclined Chip Zdarsky taking the reins of the series. This franchise does tend to operate like a pendulum, slowly shifting back and forth between brooding darkness and swashbuckling adventure. But as with The Invaders, Zdarsky is opting for a darker approach to a classic Marvel franchise. It’s just as well, given that few Marvel artists handle brooding darkness as well as Marco Checchetto.

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