Here’s Why There Are No Titans in Apex Legends

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Respawn Entertainment has said the giant mechs that populated its Titanfall series simply didn’t work in its free-to-play battle royale game, Apex Legends.

Though Respawn has explicitly said Apex Legends is not a sequel to Titanfall 2, it is set in the same universe, leading many to wonder if wall running and big old robots were ever considered. Speaking to IGN, Executive Producer Drew McCoy said that they were, but they just didn’t work within the battle royale genre.

“During development of Apex Legends, we prototyped a lot of stuff,” said McCoy. “Having come from Titanfall 2, we tried wall-running and double jumping and triple jumping, and all sorts of crazy stuff. And the goal of the game from a development standpoint was to create something strategic and masterable and learnable and very deep, and a lot of those mechanics were detrimental to those goals.”

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