Batman #64: A Good Story With Poor Timing

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Batman is rapidly becoming a series that rewards trade-waiters more than those following the book issue by issue. The current “Knightmares” storyline is already putting Batman readers in an awkward place, devoting no fewer than eight issues to a glorified hallucination sequence. And now that storyline is being drawn out even further as the series puts “Knightmares” on pause in favor of a new Batman/The Flash crossover. The timing is annoying, but at least writer Joshua Williamson is exploring a conflict that affects both heroes in meaningful ways.

Batman #64 is the first chapter in “The Price of Justice,” a story dovetailing from the events of Heroes in Crisis. Both Batman and The Flash are reeling from the death of Wally West. Because of that tragedy and Batman’s penchant for keeping secrets, the working relationship between the two isn’t quite as strong as it was during their last team-up in “The Button.” But they’ll be forced to bury the hatchet as they confront some unfinished business and reopen a cold case from the past.

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