Apex Legends Is Awesome, but it’s Not Perfect

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Apex Legends is the latest entry in the increasingly crowded Battle Royale space. Created by Respawn, the developers of the beloved Titanfall franchise, Apex seems to not only take queues from other battle royales that proceeded it, but also from the hero shooter category, hence the Legends. Believe me when I say that these two aspects of game design work very well together. So well, in fact, that Apex Legends had already drawn in well over 2 million players in just its first few days. And while it seems to be getting fairly high praise from fans of the genre, there are a few aspects that could use some tightening up. Let’s dive in.

The Legends themselves are what immediately sets Apex apart from other Battle Royales. Apex shipped with eight unique characters, with a promise of more to come. So, unlike Call of Duty’s Blackout where everyone drops onto the map completely even, Apex Legends’ heroes immediately make you unique within your squad. Where one Legend may have the ability to vanish for a limited time, allowing you to escape a lethal situation, another can help spot laid traps or enemies within close proximity.

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