The Punisher Villain Jigsaw Explained

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Netflix’s The Punisher: Season 1 wrapped up with the badly disfigured Billy Russo — ex-friend of Frank Castle — clinging to life in a hospital bed and silently vowing revenge against Castle, locking him in as the villain Jigsaw in Season 2.

And now with Season 2 of the Netflix show debuting, here’s everything you need to know about Jigsaw and why he’s managed to stay the one recurring thorn in the Punisher’s side all these years.

Jigsaw Explained: The Basics

Given that the Punisher’s entire modus operandi is killing criminals in brutal and spectacular fashion, it makes sense that his rogues gallery is pretty small compared to the likes of Spider-Man or Iron Man. Yet somehow, Billy Russo has managed to survive one encounter after another with Frank Castle, repeatedly cheating death and returning to exact vengeance on his most hated enemy once again.

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