Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Review

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I felt a rush of excitement every time I booted up a new game in the Death Drive Mk II. The fictitious game console essentially acts as the level select in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and I was always curious to see what developer Grasshopper Manufacture had cooked up next. But after watching each of its seven games’ charmingly nonsensical opening cutscenes, the ensuing action rarely surprised and too frequently turned tedious.There are moments where renowned designer Suda51’s brilliant touch is on display, but this cobbled together collection of disjointed parts never quite hits its stride.

In typical Suda51 fashion, Travis Strikes Again has an off the wall story. Taking place years after the events of the first game, Travis has moved to a camper in the woods to spend his days playing the Death Drive Mk II, an elusive and dangerous system with a dark backstory. Travis’ retirement gets interrupted by the father of Bad Girl, one of the assassins Travis killed in the original, before both are absorbed into the Death Drive itself.

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