Marvel’s Namor Renaissance Continues

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You might think Namor would be having a rough go of things lately, between the fact that his rival Aquaman beat him to the big screen and that Namor hasn’t had a solo comic to call his own for quite a while. But far from it. Between books like The Avengers, X-Men Red, the recent Defenders: The Best Defense crossover and now this new incarnation of The Invaders, Namor is really being given his due in the Marvel Universe.

Make no mistake – while this series ostensibly revives the WWII-era superhero team that also includes Captain America, Bucky Barnes and the original Human Torch – this is very much Namor’s book. The Invaders #1 builds on recent events in The Avengers and The Best Defense, with Namor taking on a more antagonistic role towards the surface world than ever before. Rather than rejoining his old teammates, he’s now the all-encompassing threat they have to rally against. And the key to victory may tie back to a conspiracy decades in the making.

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