Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 Premiere Review

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Note: this is a spoiler-free advance review of the first episode of The Punisher: Season 2. The new season will debut on Netflix on Friday, January 18.

Here we are with what we’re probably all assuming is the last season premiere we’re ever going to get out of The Punisher. The knowledge that the show is almost certainly due for the chopping block in a week or two puts a real damper on the new season, but at least the show comes back strong. If the first episode is any indication, Season 2 looks to be addressing some of the biggest complaints about the first.

Judging from the premiere, it appears that showrunner Steven Lightfoot and his team are intent on making a clean break from the events of Season 1. That makes sense. Up till now, Frank’s story in the MCU has been defined by his vendetta against the military handlers who betrayed him and took his family from him. He got his vengeance and found some semblance of peace by the end of Season 1. The question now is whether Frank can find a new purpose in life. Can he truly leave his war behind? Is it possible for someone like Frank Castle to be normal again? Does he even want that?

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