Future Man: Season 2 Review

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The following is a (mostly) spoiler-free review for all 13 episodes of Future Man: Season 2, which premieres Friday, January 11 on Hulu.

Though it seems counterintuitive, because objectively it’s kind of a meandering “mess,” Future Man’s second season is stronger and more self-assured than the fist. And, most importantly, funnier.

Giving the time hopping hijinks a bit of a breather, Season 2 drops our trio of hapless heroes – Tiger, Wolf, and Joosh Josh – in a new future of their own inadvertent making. One that’s part Idiocracy, part Matrix, and all silly. There’s an unexpected strength in watching all three of these “time warriors” react to the same absurdities, and by scattering them apart for most of the season it actually helps them gel more as a team.

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