Glass Review

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Glass, M. Night Shyamalan’s unexpected sequel to both Split and Unbreakable, works best when it’s acting as a sequel to Unbreakable and at its weakest when it’s trying to tie in the newer additions to the continuity. It’s filled with all the big ideas that the director is known for, but due to what feels like rushed execution, strange narrative choices and a shocking third act, it’s likely that fans of both Unbreakable and Split are going to come away disappointed.

It’s hard to really talk about Glass without revealing all of its secrets, but it begins by reintroducing us to Bruce Willis’ David Dunn. He’s continued his life as a vigilante with the help of someone close to him.While that relationship quickly becomes one of the strongest threads of the film, his crime-fighting career though is slightly lacking. When we meet him he’s breaking into homes and beating up teen YouTubers who have apparently time-traveled back to 2006 and decided that happy slapping is in again. It’s hardly the most noble of causes and this narrative beat hints at the slightly rushed and often questionable decisions that Shyamalan makes throughout the story.

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