Captain Marvel’s New Series Lacks Focus

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At least as far back as the 2005 Ms. Marvel series, there’s been a clear desire on Marvel’s part to elevate Carol Danvers into one of the premier heroes of the Marvel Universe. In that time, we’ve seen her take up the mantle of Captain Marvel, don an iconic new costume and serve as a driving force behind major conflicts like Civil War II. But through it all, it’s never felt as though Marvel has a clear idea of who Carol is and how she should be portrayed. The constant revolving door of creative teams, relaunched books and status quo changes lately hasn’t helped one bit. Frustratingly, that sense of indecision is felt throughout the course of Captain Marvel #1.

This latest Captain Marvel relaunch unfolds in the aftermath of The Life of Captain Marvel, with Carol ending a yearlong sabbatical from Earth and grappling with the discovery of her Kree heritage. She’s eager to reconnect with old friends, resume her duties as an Avenger and generally get back into the groove of being human again. Life, as it generally does, has other plans for Carol Danvers.

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