Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Founder’s Edition Review and Benchmarks

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Nvidia has unveiled what will likely be the final RTX GPU in its Turing architecture lineup; the $349 RTX 2060 Founder’s Edition. The appeal of this GPU is that is is the most affordable video card you can buy that supports Nvidia’s new technologies, namely ray tracing and DLSS (super sampling). At roughly $250 less than the next card in the stack, the RTX 2070, that’s a compelling offer assuming it can actually do ray tracing well. Nvidia is sweetening the deal even further with a promotion that offers a copy of Battlefield 5 or Anthem as well for every RTX 2060 it sells, but it’s not clear how long this offer will last. The RTX 2060 goes on sale on January 15th, both in Founder’s Edition trim and from Nvidia’s partners.

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