South Park’s Season Finale Fails to Tie Up Loose Ends

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Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Even in the most continuity-driven seasons of South Park, there’s never a sense of anything more than a vague road map guiding the series along from start to finish. That improvisational approach has its benefits and drawbacks (both of which were really on display back in Season 20), but for the most part, the series seems better off when the writers don’t dwell too much on where everything is leading. That’s what makes “Bike Parade” a little perplexing. This episode attempts to tie together nearly every loose end from the past three months into a neat little bow, even when it’s not clear why that’s necessary.

This week’s finale had plenty of material to chew on. Even as “Bike Parade” continued tackling the Amazon worker strike and the race to build the coolest bike, it also reached back to reference everything from Tegridy Farms to the PC Babies to the haunted e-scooters. Cartman’s breathless rant about wanting to shoot up “the skooo” managed to call back to several episodes at once. This episode was basically one ManBearPig reference short of checking off every Season 22 box there is.

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