Saru’s Origin Revealed in Latest Short Trek

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Full SPOILERS follow for this episode.

The third of the Short Treks in CBS All Access’ roll-out of Star Trek shorts is “The Brightest Star,” an origin story as it were for Saru, Doug Jones’ Kelpien first officer from Star Trek: Discovery who, indeed, is consistently one of the brightest stars of that show. This segment, unfortunately, falls short of deserving similar accolades, though it is certainly a graceful and thought-provoking installment in the unique experiment that is the Short Treks.

Alas, as was the case with the first short, “Runaway,” this story is ultimately too concise and undercooked to land with the full dramatic impact that one might hope. Just as things are getting going, and Saru begins to question the nature of his existence on his homeworld, things comes to (a fairly predictable, if still cool) conclusion.

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